What is Meditation Coaching?

What is Meditation Coaching?

Meditation coaching is simply connecting with a teacher to talk about your practice. A meditation coach helps guide your meditation practice by listening, offering suggestions, and answering questions. Meditation coaching helps the student gain direction and provides a mentor for one’s practice. A meditation coach is not a therapist with whom you work your problems out or a guru who has all the answers. A coach is somebody on the path right alongside you.

How Meditation Coaching Works

Generally, a meditation coach meets with you regularly. Sometimes it is once a week and sometimes it is once a month. We may meet in person, video chat on Skype, or talk over the phone. Sessions are about 30 minutes, and offer us plenty of time to talk about your practice. Every student needs something unique and different, so sessions are tailored to fit your needs.

Costs and Scheduling

Meditation coaching is donation-based. You may pay as you see fit. We don’t offer a set suggested donation, but we do offer a few thoughts…. Keep in mind that this is our livelihood, and you may want to read about the Buddhist practice of generosity. You may keep in mind that we have gone through training and schooling, much as a therapist may go through.

We can try to see you at a time that works well for you. Please take note that I am on Pacific Time. You can schedule a time to chat, ask questions, or jump right in! To do so, justĀ use the form below!

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