Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is an important practice. When we think of meditation, we often think of sitting meditation. However, the Buddha stressed the importance of walking meditation as well. It’s a great practice that can help change things up for us. There are many reasons to practice walking meditation and benefits of the practice.

One of the reasons we may practice is walking meditation is to energize our practice. Sometimes we are sleepy when we sit or the mind becomes dull. If this is occurring a lot, you may want to try substituting a walking meditation. When we are up and moving, we are able to stay awake and attentive more easily sometimes.

On the other hand, we may practice walking meditation when we are overly energetic. Sometimes we sit and have too much energy arising. Maybe we’re unable to concentrate or settle. If this is happening, you may try standing up and doing a walking meditation. Sometimes the movement can release some of your energy in a wholesome way and the mind can settle more easily.

One of the greatest benefits of walking meditation is that is helps us bring awareness to something other than just sitting still. It can serve as a bridge between a sitting practice and daily life. Although walking meditation is traditionally done with some formality, we can practice walking meditation almost anywhere in our lives. As we bring awareness to the movement of the body, we can use this in our life. Whenever we are walking, we can practice mindfulness of our footsteps, the body moving, or any sensation we are experiencing.

I practice formal walking meditation regularly, and highly recommend making it a part of your regular practice.

Walking Mindfulness Meditation

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