Read what some of the people I work with are saying about our work together…


“Matthew has been an excellent meditation coach! Since meeting with him I feel I have a much deeper understanding of the Buddhist teachings. There were so many concepts and ideas in Buddhism that I either didn’t understand or couldn’t relate to. Matthew made everything so relatable and manageable! I also finally have a regular practice! He really worked with me to set up a routine so that I have daily sitting practice. I can’t say enough about how great he is and all that he has done for me!”


“Living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there is not a lot of guidance in regards to Buddhist practice. With the exception of a Vietnamese temple, that is all you get. So, you’re left out there trying to find your way alone or with the help of others who themselves have a very limited understanding. You have books, podcasts, and YouTube but when you are needing some direction, there really isn’t any. I’m so thankful for the mentoring of Matt. Matt has given me some great insight and direction when I wanted to deepen my practice and he’s done this in the most loving way. But most of the time, he simply helps by saying, keep going, you’re going in the right direction. Thank you Matt for all your help. You have been a great resource and support when I needed it the most.”


“I’ve been in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction for a few years now, but I put my meditation practice on the back burner until I started working with Matthew Sockolov. Matt simply asked me to meditate for 10 minutes a day which seemed at first like an ordeal. Now I meditate for 20 minutes every morning and 20 or 30 minutes in the evening a few nights a week. I’ve noticed the meditation helps me see things as they arise for what they are and it helps me slow things down. Matthew Sockolov has a gentle and kind approach to teaching meditation and Buddhism that is refreshing and exciting.”