Beginner’s Tip of the Week: Appreciate the Joy

This week’s tip is to stop and appreciate the joy in your life! So many Buddhist teachings speak of suffering and the pain in our lives. Sometimes this suffering is from painful experiences, and sometimes it is from clinging to the impermanent, happy experiences. Pausing to experience the joy can help us to appreciate it. Knowing that the happiness is impermanent doesn’t mean we have to prevent ourselves from fully feeling it. Rather, it can push us to enjoy it and be present for it while it’s there.

One way you may do this is by simply stopping at any given moment and noticing what is bringing you joy. Even when we are having a down day or struggling with something, we almost always have something in our lives that is bringing us joy. Maybe it is a relationship with a loved one. Maybe it is the sunshine or a little nature. Maybe the simple experience of breathing brings some gratitude or joy. Whatever it is, pause for just a moment to be with it. You may do this very inconspicuously at any time.

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