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This June I am offering a couple courses through my business, The Easier Softer Way. Both courses are offered on a donation basis so all may participate.

Meditation for Two

Meditation for Two is a new course I developed to investigate interpersonal mindfulness. The course is designed to work with another person in building mindfulness, compassion, and understanding. Through brief exercises, participants will engage with each other and look at their practice in a new light. I find these practices to be extremely helpful, as we so often practice on the cushion alone.

To participate, you don’t need any prior experience with Buddhism or meditation. Ideally, you should have one person to practice with over the period of the entire course. The person you practice with may be a significant other, family member, or friend. If you want to participate but cannot find someone to work with, I am happy to work with you! Just email me at Matthew@MeditationCoaching.com. Meditation for Two will be 5 weeks long, and take 20-30 minutes a week. You may easily break it up into two or three 1o minute sessions over the week. Instructions will be sent every Monday beginning June 1st. To participate in this course, simply type your email in below.

Monthlong Meditation Group

Every few months, I do a monthlong meditation challenge with The Easier Softer Way. We send a guided meditation via email every day for the month, offering an overview of Buddhist meditation practices. We cover concentration practices, mindfulness, heart practices, and more. In addition to guided meditations, we have online groups for people to share their experience with others. You don’t need to participate in the groups, but we offer this as an opportunity to interact with and learn from fellow meditators. To receive the guided meditations, just type your email in below. You may also join the Facebook and/or Google+ group by clicking the links below.

Facebook Group

Google Group


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