Find a Community

Community, or sangha, is very important in Buddhism. As one of the Three Refuges, community is one of the things we turn toward to seek liberation, one of the things we take refuge in. Sitting with a community can be extremely helpful. We’re encouraged by others, learn from shared experience, and can build healthy friendships. Take the time to see … Read More

Time and Place

This week’s tip was inspired by the last line of last week’s tip, “Find a regular time, regular space, and give it a shot!” The importance of finding a place and time to sit regularly cannot be overstated. As we meditate repeatedly in the same location, the mind begins to know that as a place for meditation. When you go … Read More

Daily Practice

One of the greatest things you can do for your practice is sitting every day. It may sound like a tall order, but you can absolutely do it! In my experience, it’s preferable to sit every day for ten minutes than twice a week for thirty minutes. Build up a habit. Even if you can only handle five or ten … Read More