Beginner’s Tip of the Week: Watch Your Sexuality

As you may have noticed, I’m covering the Five Precepts. This week I offer you the practice of the third precept: being careful with your sexuality. This precept is taken differently in different communities. For monks and nuns, this means practicing a celibate lifestyle. For many of us in the outside world, this may mean something different. I can’t tell … Read More

Beginner’s Tip of the Week: Go on Retreat

Meditation retreats are one of the most useful things we can do for our practice. Whether you have been sitting for years or are new to the practice, a retreat can really help provide a great foundation for insight. Retreats allow people to dive a little more deeply into their practice without the distractions of the outside world. I make … Read More

Beginner’s Tip of the Week: Practice not Stealing

Following up with last week’s tip, I offer you the second precept this week. The second precept says to not take that which is not freely given. On the surface, this points to not stealing from others. I’ve heard it said that if a hundred dollar bill is dropped on the ground in a meditation hall, it should remain there … Read More

Beginner’s Tip of the Week: Practice Non-Harming

The tip for today is to investigate the First Precept. The precepts are a set of training rules that many Buddhist lay practitioners and monastics undertake. The first precept is to refrain from killing any sentientĀ beings. This includes humans, animals, insects, etc. The point of this precept, as with the other four, is to create a safe environment in which … Read More

Beginner’s Tip of the Week: Practice Wise Speech

Wise Speech is one factor of the Noble Eightfold Path that the Buddha laid out as the way to end suffering. It is an important practice that many of us don’t give very much thought. Sitting meditation is absolutely important, but how we carry ourselves in our daily lives can deeply effect our practice as well. Wise speech is a … Read More

Beginner’s Tip of the Week: Finding Curiosity

Meditation can be boring at times. We force ourselves to sit, and then force ourselves to sit through any boredom. The tip this week is to bring some curiosity to your practice. Trying a few different practices, you are bound to find something that sparks some interest. When we are able to be interested in our practice, we find ourselves … Read More

Using the Body in Meditation

Mindfulness of Body is the First Foundation of Mindfulness, and is one of the most important practices we can do. In formal meditation and in daily life, bringing awareness to the body is a useful practice with many benefits. In order to be able to return to the body in our lives, we must practice this in formal sitting meditation. … Read More

Beginner’s Tip of the Week: Bringing Practice into Daily Life

This week’s tip is to work on bringing your practice into daily life. We spend relatively little time sitting in meditation. Although formal meditation can provide great insight and stability in our practice, we also must bring our practice into daily life. As we begin to find ways to practice in our lives, we can cultivate mindfulness in new ways, … Read More

Beginner’s Tip of the Week: Consistency

This week’s tip is about finding a practice and sticking to it. It was inspired by a friend of mine asking about all of the different Buddhist traditions and his investigation of several different practices. I have found that it is beneficial to investigate different teachings and paths in order to find what works for me. However, I must settle … Read More

Beginner’s Tip of the Week: Dealing with Monkey Mind

One of the most common questions I receive is about dealing with the thinking mind. When we sit down to meditate, the mind continues its normal thinking. Concentration may be difficult, as the mind continually wanders. Often referred to as “monkey mind,” this is an experience which many meditators have. Some people allow it to prevent them from meditating, believing … Read More